Endeavor House For a Hopeful Future

We treat the whole person, involve family and friends and make a life without drugs and alcohol possible.  Our locations are in a peaceful country environment, with 24-hour care, therapeutic based intervention, licensed therapists and a most caring and compassionate staff.

Our multidisciplinary team includes medical, psychiatric and support staff.  We offer spiritual and church services on a voluntary basis.  We work to repair the most important relationships. With us– physical, emotional and spiritual selves are treated.

We are CARF accredited and licensed to provide all levels of care for alcohol and drug treatment.  We accept most forms of insurance and work directly with insurance companies to provide necessary levels of inpatient stays.  Our medical director oversees the medical and nursing services and treatment.  Individualized treatment is comprised of a variety of evidence based interventions and practices.

Pinnacle Treatment offers the full continuum of care that includes residential, outpatient and sober living environments.

Signs of Addiction

Addiction symptoms present both physically and behaviorally.

Primary Physical Signs:
• Accidents or injuries
• Concealment of arms, or areas with skin contusions
• Neglected appearance/poor hygiene
• Slurred or agitated speech
• Sudden or dramatic weight loss or gain

Primary Behavioral Signs:
• Emotional instability
• Hiding use; lying and covering up
• Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities
• Missing school or work
• Sense that the person will “do anything” to use again regardless of consequences

Pinnacle Treatment Centers are situated to treat individuals throughout the healing process.

We treat over 8,000 people daily and provide a continuum of care model that includes residential (inpatient), outpatient and sober living environments.

What about the Family?

When someone sinks into the depths of addiction they often take their family members with them.  So, by the time they arrive at Endeavor House, their entire family is mired in the pain and chaos of their disease.

Endeavor House encourages families to participate in the treatment process.  Our clinical staff provides both the client and their family members with the tools they need to support one another during and after treatment.

Communication with key family members is critical and we support the family unit by offering the weekly family program.  This process allows the suffering individuals and their family members to learn effective ways to support one another.  Through role-playing, group discussion and informative lectures — clients and their families learn healthier ways to communicate while processing emotions surrounding family dynamics and the addiction cycle.