Other Drugs

Pinnacle Treatment knows that the substances that exist today will be different from those that exist in the future.  Accessibility and availability of substances will vary. Individuals who confront addiction will often have challenges with multiple drugs and alcohol. Our medical team is poised to work with each individual.  While most people come to us with opioid addiction and alcoholism, the below are a few of the others we sometimes encounter.  This only represents some of what we see as there are often others.


We understand that cocaine is a difficult addiction to conquer, but we believe that we have the tools and professionals to place individuals on the right track. The first is to detox from cocaine.

Cocaine rehab is a multi-part process that starts with detoxing to remove the drug from the system and moves on with an individualized plan that will include counseling, education, and a support network built from our highly trained professionals and a peer group.


Methamphetamine addiction is a dangerous and troublesome problem.   Detox is dangerous. We provide assistance to make the transition smooth.

The first step to getting clean is to go through our methamphetamine detox program. This ensures that the drug is completely out of the system and no longer impacts mentally or physically.


Marijuana can be as addictive as alcohol, and is one of the most commonly used drugs.

We treat marijuana addiction through methods that include education. We feel that informing our clients as deeply as we can about their addiction can make the difference in a successful recovery.

Along with our educational programs we also provide our clients with a wide range of treatment methods like self-expression therapy, group therapy, individual therapy sessions as well as lessons in nutrition.