Recovery Stories

Our success begins with patients:

Hear from people who entered our program. We operate on a multi-state basis and are proud to have worked with individuals as they return to a hopeful life.

My experience at Endeavor House was the first step in reaching my goal of lifelong sobriety. The staff helped me concentrate on the 12 steps which are essential to reaching my goal. The community offered support that was needed,particularly in the first few days when everything appeared to be hopeless. My counselor was knowledgeable and informative.
George B.

I came to Endeavor House not knowing what to expect. I have been in treatment before and my focus hadn’t been on my recovery. I came in with the same baggage I always carried around and a pit in my stomach that I filled with drugs and alcohol. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve realized I had addictive behaviors. Before I know that I am powerless over other people and that if I make a decision, I don’t have to act on it. The most important is how I can find out who I really am. I’ve never really known, and I’ve learned I can make new experiences that will help define who I am. I know I’m a good person with a disease that can be arrested. I’m extremely grateful for Endeavor House and its staff for helping me and showing me I can do this.
Mark G.

Rehab is not somewhere that I ever imagined myself. I found every excuse not to go, from “I don’t know anyone there” and “I want to make friends”, to just thinking that I could get clean on my own. But I checked myself in before I could change my mind because I knew that I needed to go. It’s always hard being new to a community and starting a detox or rehab program, but at Endeavor House, the staff and the clients made me feel good about my decision. I warmed up to the people and did make friends, and I started to feel confident and hopeful about my recovery. For me, it really was the people that made my experience great. They understood me and would listen, and that’s all that I needed to be strong for myself. I found hope and a future for myself while I was here and I owe this place for so much.
Catherine W.