Our History

Endeavor House is a trusted alcohol and drug addiction treatment provider for adults 18 years of age and older. We have been helping people suffering from addiction every day for over 40 years so they can live happy, healthy and productive lives.

In 2011, Endeavor House became part of the Pinnacle Treatment Centers family. With this change, Pinnacle added their wealth of experience and proficiencies to the treatment programs at Endeavor House further strengthening our clinical expertise in the field.

Pinnacle Treatment Centers began in 2006 with the acquisition of four treatment centers in Pittsburgh and Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Today Pinnacle Treatment Centers has about 30 facilities throughout Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Jersey, Kentucky, Virginia, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio and treats more than 8,000 adults daily.

Endeavor House offers a multifaceted therapeutic approach considers all aspects of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The clinical design and application of our education, behavior and lifestyle therapy process is utilized in all of our programs to help people overcome chemical dependency. Since chemical dependency is a progressive, yet treatable disease, the Twelve Step Program also plays a key role in our recovery process.

Endeavor House provides care for each step in the continuum of addiction treatment, including:

Recovery starts the moment you ask for help. Recognizing that you cannot do this alone and reaching out for help is the first step. Call us today at 1-800- 570-2626.